Why I Love Bandage Dresses

Fashion Trends
3 years ago

dnes nosimShow off your curves

No more shapeless dresses that make your body look sort of undefined. Whenever I tried this type of dress, I always looked indescribably – fatter, smaller and hunchbacked. However, this time you can finally show off your curves.

I had always a big issue with my hips and I was convinced that because of my hips I can’t wear tight skirts or dresses as they make my bump enormous. However, I discovered these bandage dresses and I realised that they actually look better if you have some curves :). And plus, it makes you look slimmer ;).

Sexy but now vulgar

You can find thousands and thousands of different styles, so you can choose them for any occasion as from office, date to cocktail party and you will always look stunning. Most of the time, they are sexy, provocative, sensual but not vulgar or cheap.

Simple to say, this type of dresses will make you stand out. I can be pretty sure that once you enter the room you will get noticed :).

And the issue?

The only problem that you will face with wearing any bandage dress is washing. You can’t wash it at home in your washing machine. Actually, you shouldn’t really wash it at all but if you have to then take it to the dry cleaning.