Why I Love Bandage Dresses

Fashion Trends
4 years ago

dnes nosim2Bandage dresses …. This type of dresses completely changed my attitude towards wearing tight dresses. And since I tried and bought my first bandage dress about a year back, I don’t want to wear anything else. Why?

Comfortable material

The dresses are designed to shape your body with its stretch and thickness with the fabric acting like your second skin. They are made of rayon (90%, silk like qualities), nylon (8%, strength and durability) and spandex (2%, stretch).

I have already tried (and bought :D) so many of them and none of them were scratchy or uncomfortable to the touch. They are always so comfortable to wear, no matter what weather currently is.

Like second skin

The dress fits perfectly, like your second skin. I had always so much trouble to find a tight dress that would impeccably fit me. Why? Because the upper part of my body is size S whereas the lower part, especially around my hips, is size M. And what does it mean? That I usually looked like I had left my breast at home … The upper part of the dress was always so loose :(. Not even when I was wearing the perfect push-up bra from Victoria’s Secret that makes your breast almost two sizes bigger :D.

The material just hugs your figure no matter what proportions you (currently) have.