When The Surprise Can’t Get Any Better

Romantic getaways
1 year ago

How was Florida?

Amazing! I completely fell in love with this place. First few days we spent in Miami, getting sunburnt in North beach first and then in South beach which is more famous. We couldn’t miss dinner in the downtown in Oh Mexico where you can get the most delicious guacamole and margaritas ;).

IMG_2407The trip got even better when we rented Mustang convertible… Suddenly I felt like one of the locals :). The only things I was missing were a gorgeous mansion with a sea view and a superyacht anchored in front of the house :).

However, finding a parking slot was a nightmare in Miami, believe us. It’s impossible to park close to the beach unless you want to pay over $30 USD/hour. So, what we did later on was that we parked our car in the city and then took UBER to drive us to the beach and back to our car.