When The Surprise Can’t Get Any Better

Romantic getaways
4 years ago

IMG_8864 copyA year ago, 1st July 2016, I had the most wonderful day in my life. I got married in one of the most beautiful chateaus in the Czech Republic (Chateau Liblice). A year went by and we were planning our first anniversary. Actually, I wasn’t planning anything. My husband (as usually) told me that he would do the planning. I should just keep the weekend off. So, I was expecting some nice weekend off in the Czech Republic. I didn’t have two weeks off in my mind at all since we just launched Fasheebo.

And what happened? Suddenly on Wednesday night I found out that it was time to get ready for our adventure.  And yes, again, I had no clue what to pack with me and for how long … But at least this time I could pack my suitcase myself :).

At four o’clock in the morning, we were already at the airport waiting for the flight to London… However, the surprise got much better when I glimpsed at our flight tickets and there was >>> MIAMI :).