When a Dream Comes True

4 years ago

As a little girl I didn’t even let my mum to choose the colour of my socks for me. I already knew what I wanted to wear before even recognising what the name of the colour was. And my passion for fashion hasn’t changed ever since.

Dreaming about my own fashion brand has accompanied me for really long time but it always seemed to be absolutely out of my reach. Until last year. The time when I came across bandage dresses and fell in love with this type of flattering fashion. And it was how the idea about a new fashion brand Fasheebo was created.

Fasheebo is a high-end fashion brand for confident women who want to be seen. So, to wear our dresses you need to be ready and excited to stand out from the crowd. Each garment is designed fully in-house, in Prague, with only the finest materials and techniques, thanks to our design team led by creative director, Lenka Jurigova

So, let me introduce you my dream, a new fashion brand Fasheebo. Watch the short video about how we design and produce our dress :).