Tips why to enjoy the sauna

6 years ago

Sauna 3Sauna is a sacred peaceful place ,where time literally stops. It refreshes your body and soothes your mind, relieves stress and fatigue. As for me, sauna is a very special intimate place where a man is alone with himself and with his soul. Healer sauna takes from a person all the negativity, aggression, or desire to argue. Think of yourself after the sauna? All you want is just to live and breathe. This purification of body and soul, rebirth of a human. No wonder our ancestors were content with this luxury and trip to the sauna was a mandatory part of their live. Nowadays, there is a huge variety of saunas. What kind of saunas are the most favorite ones?

Russian banya

Banya has been known since ancient times. There are two types of banyas: with a furnace “in black” and “on-white”. Firebox “in black” is the oldest, but these days it only exists in some areas, for example in Siberia. Furnace stoked without chimney smoke coming through the open window of the sauna. This room has a special spirit due to the impact of smoke on a wooden construction framework.

Banya with a furnace “on-white” is very popular in our country. Smoke from the stove is discharged through a pipe, so that the atmosphere in the steam room is not polluted.