Time To Go Surfing

3 years ago

IMG_0111What a great experience! I bought the indoor surfing to my brother two years ago as a birthday present. But watching him surfing was not as funny as surfing myself :). I was lucky enough that my best friends gave it to me as a birthday present, too. I could not wait any longer so I had to book it right the following week :). This surfing arena is pretty new in the Czech Republic but the the first indoor surfing arena was opened in Texas in 1991 … So, it took some time to be introduced in the Czech Republic :D :D :D.

IMG_3789 2And how was it? Absolutely amazing! I felt like surfing on the Bondi beach :). You have actually only an hour to try it but believe me it’s enough for the first time. After the hour you are completely dead… Although the bottom layer under the water is soft, I still had so many bruises, water in my nose, ears, and I guess in every single corner in my body :D. It looks much easier that it is actually in reality. I have to admit that although I have been snowboarding since I was a little girl, I had difficulty to keep the balance on the surf.

So, if you don’t have any plans for the coming weekend, go and try it yourself with your friends or boyfriend. You will love it. Believe me :).