Time For New Profile Picture

3 years ago

Do you also come to the point when you need some change? … Like change of your profile picture on Instagram and Facebook ;)? I didn’t want to make any regular picture. I wanted something I will remember for the rest of my life … So I decided for the beauty picture with loads of face jewels and glitter. It took over 5 hours to get ready for the photo shooting and another 2 hours for the shooting itself. But the results are worthy, don’t you think? ;).

The only drawdown was the removing process of all products I had from face jewels on my face and chest, glitter in my hair… As it was almost impossible to take everything off :D. And the glitter? I think I will be finding them in my flat for the rest of the year :D.

See more pictures here.

Photo: Nikola Bílková

Makeup: Ludmila Škvorová

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