This Product Helped Me Dry My Hair Faster

Hair products
5 years ago

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 11.47.45A couple of weeks ago Instagram was full of exciting videos with PowerDry.Me. Everyone wasn’t talking about anything else but PowerDry.Me. And what’s so special about this product? It claims that it can speed up your hair drying time up to 50%. Among other benefits you can also find for example frizz control or heat and UV protection. The only thing you have to do is to mist onto damp hair from roots to ends, dry and style. The price is $19.50 for 230 ml.

Since I have hair extensions it takes me ages to dry my hair. And therefore, saving 50% of this time every morning seemed to me as a wonderful idea. However, the results were not as exciting as I thought. When I tried the product for the first time, I didn’t apply probably enough of the product. So, the drying time was completely the same as normally. For the second time, I asked my hairstylist to spray the product on my hair. He applied a huge amount of the product, much more than I did before. And the result? I would say it speeded up the drying process around 30% but definitely not more. 

I can’t really say how efficient the product is when using only on natural hair. But fro my site, anything that helps me with the drying process, is worth a fortune.

And what is the drawback?

Unfortunately, I can’t buy the product in the local shop. I had to order it from the Canadian e-shop, so I had to wait for the delivery over a month, pay not only the price of the product and the shipping costs, but as well as the customs fees (import duty and tax) which, to be honest, I don’t want to go through anymore. It’s such a pain in the … I had to spend over 2 hours in Customs and dealing with the paper work. So, if you order it from abroad as me you should be ready to wait for the delivery over a month and expect to pay the double price.

P.S.: I also ordered the second product – Puff.Me. So, stay tuned for the blog post later this week ;).