This is the way how you should wear denim this season

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5 years ago

At first – a little bit of history….

The idea of making pants called “jeans” from canvas was the idea of native german Levi Strauss from bavaria, who emigrated to the United States. In the wild times of the “gold rush”, gold diggers were excited of these rugged pants, sewn originally from “Genoese”- canvas (named after the Italian town of Genoa). The patent for these pants is dating from the year 1873 and are favored until today and surprisingly enough the original model, called “ Levi Strauss Co’s”.

Jeans such as were never really out … But what about this year? The designers came up with the idea to be dressed in denim from head to toe … But how to do it right not to look like fool? After all, jeans with a denim shirt in the same color, sneakers and a base cap would not look that good. Don’t you think?

Soo – how to get it right?

1. Go for contrast

As I mentioned before in another article, contrasts work in fashion. Therefore if you choose dark colored denim pants, take a brighter shirt, button it up to the top or the opposite – let peek out a small portion of your lace bra.


Denim 2