These tights will drive all guys wild

Fashion Trends
5 years ago

Have you ever wondered how it feels when you get the attention from all guys around you? Now it is your turn. Just pick one of these tights and you will be surprise how easy it is.

Tights 1Wolford “Artiste” faux lace-up tights

The visual interest of the criss-cross pattern draws the attention up the leg…which is exactly the point; to tantalize what lies above.



Tights 2Classic back-seam tights

Nothing says old Hollywood glamour more than this style of tights. One smooth, thin line up the back of the leg is as seductive as can be.



tights 4 CroppedThree Stripe Tights

All business below the knee, and all cheeky business above the knee. Worn with a mini, these tights add a humorous and fun detail. When worn with a longer skirt, it’s a fun secret you can keep all to yourself…for now.