The World’s Top Diving Destinations

5 years ago

Have you always been wondering where to go for scuba diving? We have got for you some tips. Check them out.

Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

Egypt  Stroll the shores of the legendary Red Sea in the warm African sunshine and then dive its magnificent coral reefs. These contain a fabulous diversity of marine life that is often visible even when you are only snorkeling as well as a range of shipwrecks ancient and modern. The Thistlegorm was a British ship which sank here in 1941 containing a fascinating range of war supplies including trucks, motorbikes, rifles and train carriages!

Great Barrier Reef, Townsville Australia

Great BRThe Great Barrier Reef, Australia is an amazing natural wonder and a superb place to indulge in the best scuba diving in the world. At over 2,000 kilometres long it is the largest coral reef on the planet and contains 400 species of coral, and 1,500 kinds of fish as well as dolphins, sea turtles and whales. You could also seek out the Great Barrier Reef’s signature wreck the SS Yongala, a 109-metre long luxury passenger ship that went down during a cyclone in 1911.

 Maria la Gorda, Cuba

CubaMaria la Gorda in the far west of the island is arguably one of the world’s premier diving sites. The resort’s name comes from a beautiful lady marooned here by pirates and the area abounds with stories of sunken treasure. The exclusive archipelago of Jardines de la Reina allows only 350 divers a year and here you can find black coral and giant mushroom formations while stingrays, barracudas and many types of shark can also be seen.