The story behind Gucci

5 years ago

Quality is remebbered long after price is forgotten.

Born in Florence, Italy, 1881, Guccio Gucci, left us the legacy of one of the most successful fashion houses of the world. It has been over 90 years of inspiration, hard work and dedication full of high-end leather goods, clothing, bamboo handles, flora patterns, horsebit and logo prints. From the luggage to the controversial ads, let’s take a glance at the empire’s most iconic moments:




2Inspired by his teen days in London, working at the prestigious Savoy Hotel, and after years of dedication at the leather manufacturer Franzi, Gucci opens his first store in Florence, featuring suitcases, luggage, and travelling trunks connecting the equestrian aristocracy with comfort and Italian elegance.


4During this decade, the house developed his emblematic Horsebit icon and the first signature print — a series of small, interconnecting diamonds in dark brown on a tan background. Within just few years in business, Gucci’s bottega grew famous among a sophisticated clientele looking for his luxurious, equestrian-style fashion items.