The Reason Behind Setting Up Fasheebo

3 years ago

It has been already a few weeks since we launched Fasheebo. And the more I’m into this topic, the more people get curious and ask me about Fasheebo. And as a result I have been recently asked the same types of questions regarding Fasheebo, so I have decided to write the answers down that anyone could read them.


When I realized I wanted to start my own fashion brand

Usually, I get asked about the moment when I realized I wanted to start my own fashion brand.  To be honest, I believe it was the same situation as for most of the entrepreneurs who founded their own companies. It was the moment when I realized I couldn’t find any dresses that I would really love to wear – stylish, flattering, not really boring, of high quality and not overpriced.

I’m not the kind of person who would love to wear a loose, baggy dress with frills and big floral design on it. I feel like this kind of fashion makes me look much bigger than what I actually am.

And also, I was never satisfied with shopping on e-shops. First of all, I was not really happy with the quality of the products I bought. The quality of the products was completely different to what was shown in the pictures on their websites. Secondly, the delivery time – when I ordered something, I wanted to have it right away, not to wait a few weeks to receive it. Thirdly, I was always surprised with the shipping costs. Usually, the shipping costs are hidden and just before placing the order and paying, you realize that you have to pay additional costs for the shipping. I believe this is not fair. Surprising your customers with additional costs will always make them angry. And lastly, I didn’t like the packaging of the product I received. It is not really “sexy” when you receive your new outfit completely crumpled in a cheap plastic bag.

Therefore, I wanted to change the whole shopping experience into a fancy road :).


The biggest lesson that I have learned since I started the company

Then, I got an interesting question about the biggest lesson that I have learned since I started the company. I think that the biggest lesson I have learnt so far is that nothing always goes according to your business plan. You might have thought everything through several times, but then there will be always some challenges that you have not taken into consideration. So experiencing those challenges will help us to learn from it.

To most importantly I have learnt the whole process of making dresses from the first sketch to the final product, is all about the bandage fabric and how it is made.

Favorite part of my job