The Most Fancy Event

Best of the best
4 years ago

0T6A5787_1Being invited to one of the best events in the Czech Republic – The Entrepreneur of the Year organized by EY is an honor. Over 300 successful entrepreneurs and their spouses are invited to the Žofín Palace in Prague for a gala dinner where the best entrepreneur of the year is announced. What I like most about the event is the atmosphere … You can feel the enthusiasm to change the world, the determination to work really hard to achieve the dream but also the friendliness. No matter how great the entrepreneur is he or she does not have any issue to talk to anyone … None is big-headed. I have nothing against (Czech) “celebrities” but in comparison to the Opera Ball I was a few years back, this event means to me much more … You are inspired by people who really achieved something in their life … No “celebrities” who got famous just because they were in some silly reality show.


For this particular event, I have decided to wear our Fasheebo dress with plunging neckline. I absolutely love it. The colour, the cut and the fabric. What I was crazy about were shoes … Why? Because I needed a par of nice shoes with high heels that I could wear the entire night. I love my Jimmy Choo stilettos but to be honest, I can’t wear them for more than 2 hours. Then I’m dead. Seriously….

In last minute I bough a very similar style of black stilettos from Aldo. I have to admit than their style, quality and softness in comparison to the price is very satisfiable. I could wear the shoes all day long, running in the city and dancing on the floor the entire night. With Jimmy Choo Anouk stilettos, I would be super unsociable, super annoying and super angry. So, if you are looking for a pair of good looking classic stilettos, I would go for Aldo although it isn’t a fancy brand, their shoes for “running all day long” is just perfect.


And make-up for that night? My favorite make-up artist was on holiday that day, so I had to find a new one which is always a big problem. I don’t like changing my make-up artist because you never know what the result will be :(. But thank’s to the recommendation by Andrea Bezdekova, I tried Laura Berisha. And I was absolutely happy with her work. She is friendly, skilled and the makeup and hair took her around 90 min. to be ready. And what was the best surprise? Coming home at 3 a.m. after dancing all night long, my makeup looked still the same as when I was heading to the event at 7 p.m. :).


Picture source: Podnikatel roku