The Most Beautiful Restaurant

Culinary travel
5 years ago

When I thought the surprise was the most beautiful feeling itself I was wrong.

Our first destination of surprise holiday was Bangkok where we stayed in Lebua hotel at State Tower (by the way this hotel serves the best breakfast in the world). I really love views – so my husband chose the right hotel to please my fiery passion that we could oversee Bangkok from the 22nd floor. 

Because of my passion, whenever we go on holiday we look for roof-top bars and restaurants. So, I guess we already know all roof-top bars in Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Milan, Singapore, … but they were all nothing in comparison to what I saw in Bangkok. This view was absolutely spectacular! I had never seen anything so breathtaking in my entire life. Right on the top of Lebua hotel we entered into the Sky bar, 820 feet in the air. If you watched the movie The Hangover part II, you know what I am writing about.