The “Have You Lost Weight” Dress You Must Have This Summer

3 years ago

It would be so nice to lose some weight just by finger snapping, wouldn’t be? Especially in hot days like these. Let’s imagine that when wearing your favorite dress, you could just wish to lose some weight in your stomach or hips in order to fit the dress perfectly. And within a second, you would loose slimmer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like this (or if you know about any kind of application that does it, I must have it :D).

I have a great news for you! I have discovered metallic bandage dresses whose specific fabric can make you look up to ONE WHOLE SIZE SMALLER! Isn’t it amazing? I wear them all the time as the dress basically sucks you in :D and shapes your curves.

If you have a chance to try it on, definitely don’t hesitate as you will be absolutely surprised with the slimming effect ;). And who wouldn’t like to hear the “Have you lost some weight” question after spending a lunch in KFC.

My favorite slimming dresses are from Fasheebo Metallic collection as I have worn them all . However, the most slimming dresses are these three: Celine, Laurissa, and Harper. Just watch the video below how the fabric from the Metallic collection moves. To see the three dresses, go to the next page :).