The Best Wedding Gift Idea

Romantic getaways
3 years ago

14433094_10208453878437148_7204345896660980881_nWhat I really did not like was the noise and the heat. Like you see in all romantic movies when the couple is drinking champagne in the air … Forget about it because it is impossible. I was disappointed as well. Not being able to drink the luxury champagne and eat the caviar in the air. Why? Because there are several reasons why you can not do it. One of them is tiny space you have in the balloon or it can also be very windy, and thus the balloon can move from one side to the other quite quickly. So, just to make sure that nothing dangerous may happen in the air, usually you are not allowed to wear anything apart of your small purse.

Overall, this was the best wedding gift we got … and if you are thinking about plans for the weekend or wedding gift to your friends, this could be the perfect one. However, find out first whether they are not afraid of heights :).