The Benefits & Drawbacks Of Wearing Fur Coat

Fashion Trends
5 years ago

Kožich1Fur, fur, fur. Wherever you look there is someone wearing a beautiful fur coat or vest

Do you need to spend a fortune to buy a nice fur coat?

When I was looking for some boutique to buy my first fur coat I just found a few of them that were way above my budget. So, I put up with the fact that my wardrobe would be still missing some iconic piece like fur coat. However, this year I discovered so many little shops (especially in Prague) where you can find stunning fur coats or vests in all different styles and colours you can just imagine. And what is even better? For reasonable price (starting from 400 EUR) and most of them can be even tailor made. You can look at their Instagram pictures here or here.

How does it make you feel wearing a fur coat?

I was lucky enough because I got my first polar fox fur coat from my husband as a Christmas gift this year. What an amazing surprise it was. However, even though I fell in love with the fur at first sight I did not feel really comfortable to wear it. I believe you need some level of confidence to look stunning in fur coat. But guess what … After a few days I completely lost my fear of wearing this coat and now I do not want to wear anything else.