Review: Huda Beauty Lipstic

4 years ago

IMG_0460 2In my life I have been obsessed with pretty much everything from shoes, over handbags to bomber jackets. But recently I have had a crush on all kinds of lipsticks and lip glosses. After having a few from Channel, Lancôme and Armani, I wanted to try a new brand. And as an Instagram addicted what else than Huda Beauty ;). I got absolutely crazy about the Liquid Mate Muse lipstick. It helps maintain the lips’ hydration, it is comfortable to wear and it doesn’t leave any marks on glasses, for instance….

I absolutely love it. And what I also appreciate is that the lipstick stays on the full lips, it doesn’t “disappear” in the middle like some lipsticks which makes you look ugly usually without noticing it :(.

The only negative point I would like to mention is the color. The color of the lipstick looks slightly different when applied on your lips. So, I would suggest you to go to Sephora and try the color on your lips before purchasing it. Otherwise you might be disappointed with the final result ;).

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 13.40.19If you haven’t come across Huda Beauty tutorials, then make sure you check them out here ;).

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 13.40.29

Shop the lipstick here.