Perfect Shoes Matching With My Party Dress

3 years ago

17431714_10210000673586060_863029410_oI love shoes … And whenever I’m on holiday and get even more obsessed with shoes because I’m so frustrated with the lack of them. So, if I see gorgeous shoes while exploring a new town I need to get them. Right a way. No matter that I’ll be walking the entire day with a massive box.

And this happened during one sunny day in Bangkok. I spotted a gorgeous pair of high heels. The kind of shoes that you fall in love at first sight. And you know that even though they’ll be completely uncomfortable, very expensive and you’ll wear them probably just once, you must have them. I couldn’t resists to try them on. And guess what? They were comfy (obviously not as your sneakers), almost for free (around $70) and I knew I would wear them at least twice on my holiday :).