Moon Boots – The Shoes You Will Fall In Love With

5 years ago

Moon boots
– something you definitely need this winter, especially if you live in Europe like I do. I am usually the kind of girl that wears high heels no matter what weather outside is. But this winter I had to change my mind and go for some more winter friendly shoes :).

There were two types of winter shoes that I had on my mind when shopping:Pictureboots

Why not Ugg boots?

To be honest, I did not want to go for Ugg boots because I see them everywhere. Every single girl wears them. And what is more, the design does not really resonate with my style.

So, I tried the Moon boots. First, I was shocked by the size because they make the size like 38 to 40 as one size (I can not really remember exactly). And it did not fit perfectly as it seemed to be too small. However, a few seconds later they stretched. I was choosing between the white and pink pair. It was a hard choice as the white would have matched pretty much every outfit I wear but the pink pair just matched my hair :). And so, the choice was made. I was lucky and got them with 30 % off which made me feel even better as I did not expect the discount. I paid for this pink pair 75 EUR (normally, they cost between 75 EUR and 150 EUR).

Did I fall in love with the Moon boots?

Did I fall in love with these shoes even though they are far away from high heels? Absolutely! They are so comfortable, so warm (and believe me I am freezing even when it is plus 20) and the design is adorable. If you are thinking about buying winter shoes, then go for them. You will never want to take them off. I swear :). And now, I know why they sell over 700,000 pairs annually. By the way, did you know that they were created in the early 1970s by manufacturer Tecnica Group of Giavera del Montello in Italy?

I bought the pink pair but I have already fallen in love with some other styles :), such as Low Dance, Strap Met, and Vinile Met. Which style do you love most?