In love with (shopping in) Vienna

4 years ago

I love city breaks … Walking through a new city, having coffee in a little cafe or spending an evening in the rooftop bar. The kind of relax I can never resist. I have been to Vienna several times but usually in the winter time to see the Christmas market. The atmosphere is always amazing but you can’t really enjoy walking outside when the temperature is way below 0.

This time I decided to explore the city in the sunny weather. Due to the traffic on the highway D1 from Prague to Brno, we drove on Saturday early morning instead of Friday after work.

Shopping outlet Parndorf

Designer-Outlet-Parndorf-1The first stop was the shopping outlet Parndorf that is about 30 minutes drive from Vienna. You can find there more than 160 boutiques. From iconic fashion stores like Prada, Armani and Gucci to sporting labels, like Nike and Adidas, and high-street favourites, like Guess, Diesel and Desigual.

I have a few shops I usually go to such as Gucci (for handbags, scarfs and shoes), Karl Lagerfeld, La Perla, Prada (for shoes or purses), or Burberry. And I have to say Hugo Boss is great for men.  To see what kind of shops are there, just click here. But to be honest, you have to be very lucky to find something you just can’t leave without :). Especially before Christmas (November – December), it’s a nightmare to shop there. Why? Because you have to queue for really long time not only for the fitting room but as well as in front of every single shop until they let you in. And also, it seems to me that the shops are full of products they couldn’t sell hundred years ago, and now it’s the time to display them. But sometimes, you can discover great pieces for a fraction of price such as Gucci handbag, scarf or Prada shoes. 

Café Sacher Vienna

sacher_restaurantAfter a few hours of shopping we decided to explore Vienna. And where was the next stop? In the Café Sacher Wien right in the city center where you can taste the original sacher torte. You can pretty sure that you will never enjoy the sacher cake more than in this cafe ;). It’s absolutely delicious. If you want to go there, make sure you reserve a seat in advance otherwise you will be waiting in the queue forever.

Shopping street

This area offers so much – you can go shopping, to museums, parks, …IMG_1533 Everything is walking distance. Just a little advice. Don’t leave shopping in Vienna on Sunday because you would be very disappointed. Most of the shops are closed. Check out the website where you can find all shops in the city. Make sure that you won’t skip the “Goldenes Quartier” where you’ll find yourself in heaven, shopping heaven :). This new luxury shopping area lies between Tuchlauben, Bognerstrasse and Am Hof.

Figlmuller restaurant

When we are in Vienna we can’t leave the city without having a lunch in the most famous local restaurant – Figlmuller. If you can imagine a huge schnitzel all over your plate, then you can be sure that exactly this one you will get in this restaurant. Since this restaurant is very popular, you have to reserve a seat in advance too. In case you forget, go there for an early lunch around 11 a.m.

Atmosphere Rooftop Bar

And how did we end the lovely day? In the Atmosphere Rooftop Bar by Ritz Carlton. What can be better than having a nice drink and enjoying the view from the 8th floor… What a shame you can’t have a dinner in this bar. They only serve some snacks. And also in this bar, make sure that you have a reservation. lenka ritz


I have to admit that I have fallen in love with Vienna. I love the atmosphere of the city, the architecture, the coffee, the desserts, ….. I could imagine myself living in this beautiful city. And what is a huge plus? Uber taxi. You can get it everywhere, all the time and it’s very cheap. So, don’t worry about getting dressed up ;). Uber will pick you up and drop you off wherever you want ;). No public transport needed.