I’M Ready For My 3-Month Challenge

4 years ago

plavkyI hate people who are always complaining about their weight problems but who do absolutely nothing to change it. And guess what … I have recently realized that I became one of them. I kept talking about my big bump, wide hips, thick legs and flabby arms on and on and on while eating chocolate on regular basis (understand every single day!). And I always had so many excuses why I couldn’t go jogging, to the gym or just for a quick walk.

However, when I saw myself in bikini a few days back, I got completely shocked! Frustrated! And depressed! This was the starter that made me think and stop creating  new and new excuses.

Setting a goal with a deadline

Therefore, while being fat on holiday, I decided to set a goal with a deadline:  3-month challenge during which I have to reach 55 kg (down from 60 kg) as I want to look stunning in all bandage dresses and bikini I have recently bought. I guess it’s the same with you. If I don’t have deadline, nothing really pushes me to achieve my goal.

Finding a fitness trainer

Second step was to find a fitness trainer who would help me with my goal. I have been going to the gym irregularly but with no visible results. Why? I don’t really like sweating. Therefore, whenever I was about to sweat or got “tired”, I stopped doing the exercise. So, overall I did pretty poor job at the gym.