I Pay A Fortune For My Hair Every Single Month

Hair extensions
5 years ago

rosesIf you are like me than you go for whatever you fall in love with before doing a thorough research. I always dreamt about long, glamorous hair that would grow past my shoulders. Unfortunately, it never happened. And thus, two years ago I decided that it was the right time for my dream to come true and visited this salon in Prague.

However, I didn’t think it really through – especially the financial side of it. And honestly, I don’t want to calculate how much money I have spent so far on my hair extensions in the last two years :D. I’m sure it could be a pretty “decent” holiday.

Therefore, if you are thinking about hair extensions, you should be ready to spend a fortune, trust me. How much do I pay in the Czech Republic? (The price varies based on your location. So, if you live in Los Angeles or London, you should be ready to spend at least three times more.)

First investment

Is “pretty” costly, of course depending on the type of hair, salon and number of strands you will have. I have got around 175 strands (55 cm long human hair – micro rings and keratin) which cost me around $750.


Besides the initial investment, I also pay for the maintenance every 10 to 12 weeks which costs me around $150 as I always exchange a few old, damaged strands for new ones.