How to wear leggings

Fashion Trends
5 years ago

Leggings, always a “hot” issue to talk about. I think people are divided into these who love them and into the others that can not stand them at all. I personally like them, I wear them for several years and they are the the best choice for a long journey. The only next thing to match them are sweat pants.

And now some words about how to wear them and how to combine them so we won’t look like going to the gym. There are some rules about wearing leg gins and if you will keep them in mind one can not make a fail.

I would start with a look into the past with the epic movie “ Grease” where lovely Sandy is wearing her black shiny leggings and her shoulder free top. I remember staring at her in disbelief and saying to myself- yes, that’s how I once want to look like and wear exactly the same. As time went by it showed, that leggings were and always will be a part of my wardrobe. Of course I also sometimes made a wrong turn, but that’s what it’s all about. That is the best reason, why I’m writing an article about this controversial piece of clothing.

Leggings aren’t pants…

At first I would remind you, that leggings really, but REALLY are not pants… Therefor it’s always better to have a longer pullover, shirt, top or a T-shirt over your backside. It only takes a good look around you to recognize, how many women’re making this essential error.

Choose the right size…Leggings

The next thing to remember is the right size. This correlates with my first point – your butt sticking out in too small leggings does’t really look good and when there’s also your underwear shining through – white or colored – it gets from bad to worse …

So now – how to do it right?

I found some photos for you where it is nicely shown, how to match such a piece of clothing. There’s a great variety to choose from, so everybody can find the right piece…