How To Take Care Of Eyelash Extensions

Eyes Face
5 years ago

IMG_1214Who would not like to have long and beautiful eyelashes? I always envied girls with long eyelashes until I found out that they were not natural but extended. So nothing stopped me from trying them as well. And I have to admit that I have been wearing false eyelashes for more than 4 years already. And I believe it is mainly because I found the best salon in Prague. They are super skilled, careful, and thorough.  

What are the different types of eyelashes? You can choose from silk, synthetic or for instance mink eyelashes. Although mink eyelashes look natural, they are not very practical. They must not get wet at any circumstances, otherwise they straighten up and glue together. Furthermore, you can choose from numerous lengths (8 to 11 mml look natural but most of girls on Instagram have around 15 mm), thickness or curls. I always go for 3D (Hollywood Style Volume), 12 mm long, curls C which still look natural. However, next time I will most probably choose longer eyelashes.

And this time I decided to go a bit further and try Swarovski stone on my left extensions. But to me honest it is hardly visible. I have to close the eye that you could notice the stunning stone.