How To Take Care Of Braids

3 years ago

Fotka2What are the details? It costs 400 CZK (15 EUR) and takes about about 30 min. If you have shorter hair the hairstylist can use hair extension to make your braids even longer. I did not go for it as, personally, I do not think it looks very natural.

How to take care of your braids? I was told the braids can last even for more than a week. The only reason most of the girls untwist them is itching. To make sure the braids last as long as possible:

  1. Sleep with a scarf over your hair (I did not do it last night and the hairstyle looks still perfect),
  2. Use hairspray to fix the short hair coming out of the braids (before you go to sleep or in the morning),
  3. Use tiny tail comb to hide the small hair underneath the braids.