How To Surprise Your Partner On Valentine’s Day

3 years ago

3. Foot massage as a surprise number 2

I booked a 30 min. foot massage for my husband in the wellness area of this hotel. Unfortunately the experience we had in the restaurant was diametrically opposed to the experience we had in the wellness. Although I booked the massage explicitly for my husband, they made a note that the massage was for a woman. So, they did not want to take my husband as they did not have his name and also he was a woman. After a few minutes of arguing that the massage was really for him, the masseuse was complaining that she took only women and not men. A few minutes later she agreed with the massage. Unfortunately, from the beginning to the end of the massage she was unpleasant, rude and fed up. The price for 25-min. massage was 620 Kč.

IMG_95954. Private jacuzzi as a surprise number 3

After the massage I took my husband for a 50-min. jacuzzi which was great but in comparison to the jacuzzi in Holešovice, the interior of the room was not that cozy. Also, they did not offer us any special oil or salt that we could use in the jacuzzi (in Holešovice you can choose from a wide variety of different oils). The price for 50-min. jazucci was 890 Kč.

What a splendid date we had in Chateau St. Havel. If you choose to follow my plan, make sure that you order the right massage for your husband ;). And what could be even better? In case you are not local, spend a night in the hotel. I have not seen the rooms yet but based on the pictures, I am sure they will be all gorgeous.

Enjoy your date with your husband, boyfriend or even friend with benefits ;).