How To Store Bandage Dress

4 years ago

_09A9493I have loads and loads of bandage dresses from our fashion brand Fasheebo at home but I have recently realised that the quality of the bandage dress does not last forever if you don’t pay a close attention to it. Why? Because the dress might get easily destroyed if you don’t store it properly. So, how do I store all my bandage dresses? It all depends on what kind of bandage dress it is. But please pay a special attention to your metallic (foil) bandage dresses as they can get damaged by fingers snapping :(.

What I will never ever do again:

  • Never store my bandage dress in a plastic bag as it causes unpleasant odours and metallic bandage fabric sticks together.
  • Never fold my dress several times as it may cause some damage to the fabric, especially metallic bandage fabric.
  • Don’t hang my dress by its straps as the dress will change the original shape!
  • Never hang my dress on the rung of the hanger – especially the metallic bandage fabric gets either dirty or develops cracks.

What I should always do:

  • _09A9566Use a quality hanger which will keep the shape of my dress (especially, the shoulder area) – better for long sleeve dresses.
  • If hanging, then I will place the garment half folded over a padded hanger – used only for non-metallic bandage dresses. 
  • If I have to, I store my dress in a wardrobe – I lay the dress completely flat in a large drawer and fold it with a paper placed between each layer. If you don’t place the paper between each layer, then the layers will stick together and when unsticking the layers the fabric will get damaged.

To sum it up, really pay a close attention to your metallic bandage dresses as they get damaged or dirty so easily, and it’s really hard to fix the fabric or wash it.

Should you have any question regarding your bandage dresses, let me know any time :).