How to Make Your Perfume Scent Last Longer

6 years ago

Fragrance 7There are five rules for layering fragrance which can be applied to help you figure out the magic of how to achieve a fresh and lasting scent throughout the day. We will teach you how to layer scents and assemble them into a harmonious whole that lasts for an amazingly long time. By following our rules you will leave other people wondering how you smell so good!

A man is influenced by smells much more than he would like to admit. For example, there is evidence that he may choose a partner according to how she smells. In addition you can choose a scent that indicates you are seeking a long-term relationship. The smells that draw a man to a woman give him the impression that he may already have met his chosen one.


Rule no. 1 – Clean Linen

To allow your favorite perfume to engage with you in depth, you have to wear clean underwear! It is difficult to discern a fragrance sprayed on clothes which already have the memory of some previous occasion in them such as a smoky environment. Wearing something for more than one day is almost criminal!

Tip: Choose a fabric softener that has the same basis as fragrant body care products – soap or body lotion – and your personal perfume.


Rule no. 2 – A selection of perfume vs. personality

Scents divide into light, such as floral or citrus smells and heavy such as Oriental and balsamic fragrances. Usually it takes time before you will discover the one that is right for you and there may be more than one. You can seek armed with many rules, but ultimately it is only your sensations that will prevail. You need to try each scent for yourself because only in this way will you create the ultimate harmony for your appearance and personality