How To Get The Swarovski Tooth Jewelry

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4 years ago

kaminekHow to get a bit closer to the “stunning smile”? Go for Swarovski tooth jewels as I did just a week before my wedding. The stones (Crystals) are very small and have a flat back platinum surface. Plus it looks very glamorous and chic ;).

Does it hurt? Honestly, I am very, very sensitive to pain but this is almost painless. If you have ever tried the dental hygiene, it is very similar to the procedure.So, no drilling is required :). But it does not take much time, less than 15 minutes. And plus, you do not have to be worried about the material they use – it is all safe dental materials. 

It took me actually 5 minutes to forget about the stone and get used to it in my mouth. So, you do not know about the stone at all unless you touch it by tongue on purpose.