How To Get The Perfect Pink Hair Color

3 years ago

What hair color did I use?hot pink color

Apparently not Schwarzkopf (I did try the strawberry blonde but it washed out straightaway). This color’s Fashion Colour from JJ Beverly Hills based in the USA. And I have to honestly say that it’s way better than the colors from Schwarzkopf. Why? Because:

  1. it had a nice strawberry odor (not like ammonia) during the dyeing process.
  2. after the dyeing the hair looks healthier, is smooth to the touch and shiny.
  3. and what’s even better the color does’t wash out after the first or second washing when using this Fragile color-safe shampoon, Fragile color-safe conditioner and masque.

And how does it feel to wear a pink hair color for the first time?

Definitely it feels like stepping out of your comfort zone, especially the first and second day. Why? Because you get all the attention which I wasn’t used to. It might be different in the USA or China but in the Czech Republic where I currently live it isn’t normal to wear such a hair color. People get shocked by almost anything. Some people praised me for choosing this color and admired me for the courage but there were also a few of them that commended me. But who cares :).

So, you get used to the color very quickly. And afterwards you feel pretty cool because you realize that most of the people around you’re so conservative, they’ll have their highlights or blonde color for the rest of their life … And it’s boring, isn’t it ;)?