How to get dressed for your friend’s wedding

Fashion Trends
5 years ago


is always pretty challenging when it comes to outfits. There are so many aspects you have to think about before you just dress yourself and simply go…

For those who think that fashion is not important at all, well, a wedding is a very important ceremony in our lives. So please, be so kind and think about what to wear as otherwise, it is not just a fashion faux paux that will your denim cause, but bad outfit can be considered as a disgrace towards your friend, who wants to say “I do”.

There are so many types of weddings that thinking of what is the best outfit to choose, is just very, very hard. But let’s go thru some rules you might have in your head before attending the wedding.

1. No white

In case you are a woman, NEVER EVER wear a white, off white or ivory. Probably the biggest faux paux might be done by not thinking about who the bride is. So in case you are not the bride, forget to wear these shades.

2. Colours

Colors are very important by itself. It does not happen to every weddings, but usually wedding have a palette of colours they are defined with. So let’s say that shades of lilac, purple and pink are in flowers, details such as napkins, chairs, decoration and bridesmaids. In this case think and ask in what kind of color is the wedding defined. In case you are looking for magenta dress and bridesmaids will be there in magenta too, well it may look a bit of awkward.