How To Get Bigger Lips Without Injections

4 years ago

IMG_6203I’m the kind of woman who is never satisfied, especially with my lips as I’m completely fixated on them. I would call them minimalist… So, I was determined to change them in order to make them look a bit more instagramable, more sexy and sensual. But injections are not my real friends and never will be. It scares me to death. Therefore, in hope to get the gorgeous swollen lips without paying for the surgery, I have decided to test the Lip Injection Extreme by Too Faced.

Price: $28

This lip plumper makes your lips get some volume and shape. It doesn’t have any colour just clear gloss with light-reflecting shine and supreme moisture. When applying the plumper the lips start tangling for a few minutes.


IMG_1351And the result? It really makes my lips fuller without looking like duck lips. They look absolutely natural finally with some shape, so you wouldn’t notice any unnatural thing on them. You can feel tangling for the first two or three minutes but it’s nothing you could stand.

I prefer when I wear some nice colour on my lips, so I use this plumber under my pink lipstick. First I apply this plumper, wait for 2 or 3 minutes and then with a paper tissue swipe off the remaining gloss. Then I apply my lipstick.


You can see the immediate results that your lips have got suddenly bigger but I have to admit that it doesn’t last for the entire day. I would say only for about three hours. In order to keep your lips with bigger volume all day long, you have to apply this plumper for several times a day. But still, it’s much better than say hello to the injections ;).

Review: 8/10

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