How to find Mr Right?

3 years ago

Love 1Do you feel like you cannot find a partner? Maybe you are doing something wrong! Maybe you are making these mistakes!

A person may be in their thirties, attractive, smart and free. Basically everything in their lives is positive but they still just cannot find someone to share it with. They keep looking and searching but it is all in vain. What are they doing wrong?

Some people meet the right person in high school, others leave real love until a little later. But there seem to be some women that the gentlemen tend to avoid. There does not seem to be a reason for this. Yet according to the experts, most of these situations are perpetrated by making the following five errors.

1. Trying too hard.

Some people are so anxious to get a partner and a family, it emanates out of every pore of their bodies. They keep talking about it, asking their friends about arranging a “free buddy” and are so despearte to get acquainted with the perfect person that they even try the waiter who is close to retirement age! But the overwhelming majority of men are frightened off by this approach. Such behavior can actually be rather repellent, especially when it is by women who are thirty and up. They are clearly identified as being on the lookout for the father of their children, rather than a partner. In addition man is a born hunter and does not relish being the hunted!

2. Not trying hard enough.

Maybe this is the path taken by people who are desperate not to be seen as “wretched”. Yet the constant rehashing and ruminating Bridget Jones-style of how there are no great men in the world or how all men are totally incompetent and how happy you are that you do not have to wash anyone‘s socks anymore is just not very appealing. “It’s the opposite extreme from trying too hard, which also repels,“ „If the woman thinks the worst about all men then how is she going to attract them?“

3. Keepin the wrong company.

This happens and you just don’t know how it came to this. All your friends are suddenly married, have children and are totally busy with many places to go but you have not yet come across a single suitable man. Cafes near the children’s playground and restaurants with children’s areas, or parties with your married friends where everone is a couple are not the places where you are likely to have much luck! This happens quite often. You need to clarify what you are looking for in a partner and think about where you could meet him.