Get Ready For The Coming Season With These Sneakers

5 years ago

You already know that I got a bit obsessed with pink color, and as well as shoes. So when I found these pink ladies it was the love at first sight… Especially when this pair is from a limited edition – Gucci High-Top Sneaker with Crystal Studs – which is sold out worldwide.

I absolutely love them – they are comfortable, stunning and make so much “noise” ;). So, when you do not feel like dressing up you just wear these pink ladies, jeans and plain t-shirt and you already look fabulous ;).

However, what worries me a bit are the crystal studs as I do not believe they will last forever.  So I have to be really careful not to scuff them. 

When searching for some other similar Gucci shoes that I wanted to show you, I realised that most of them are already sold out. But anyway, I found some interesting pieces you should not miss ;) and are still available online.