Gel manicures may increase skin cancer risk

6 years ago

We all love having beautifully painted, shiny, colourful nails which last. Gel manicures help us get those perfect nails! They are a newer type of nail extensions (in lieu of acrylic), which use a harder and thicker “gel” that is applied and then set by exposure to UV or LED light. The biggest pro of these nails though is that they don’t chip or dent! Even some of our favorite stars love them (i.e. Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez), but when beauty products become a danger to your health, are they worth it?UV

Cancer is something that we all have to worry about in our modern world. The UV lights usually used to set the gel could lead to premature aging and skin cancer on the back of your hands. This can occur after no more than 8 sessions and considering that the average manicure-goer receives one every two weeks, this is a real danger! While only two people have developed skin cancer from their gel manicures, it is still something to keep in mind. When you go to the salon, ask if they also have LED lights. While it takes longer for the gel to set while using them, there is no risk of skin cancer or premature aging. If LED lights are not available, you can put sunscreen on the backs of your hands, which will help protect against some of the UV rays.