First Fasheebo Fashion Show

3 years ago

How exciting things can be when you organize your first fashion show … I can hardly explain how nervous, excited and curious I was when organizing the first fashion show for Fasheebo. Our dresses are designed to be worn at parties, so the venue couldn’t be any other but a luxury club. The best club in Prague ;), Le Valmont.

As an organizer you are usually worried about the empty venue … However, in our case, I wasn’t worried about empty venue. I was worried about super overcrowded club where models couldn’t have properly showed off the dresses as they were supposed to walk through the crowd. Luckily, the bartenders were smart enough and made the crowd part.

However, this wasn’t the only issue I was dealing with during the fashion show :D. You know that when you are in rush, stressed and nervous at once, nothing goes according to your plan, especially when you deal with fashion … Such as zippers, laces and other little things that take much longer during fashion show then during fitting :D.

And the results? People loved our dresses, especially the pink maxi skirt, silver dress, black & white two-piece set and rose gold dress … We already sold a few dresses on the spot and several afterwards.

And what made me feel really happy? Sending Fasheebo dresses as a surprise :). My friends’ boyfriends and husbands approached me after the fashion show and ordered dresses for their girlfriends and wives … So girls, someone of you can expect a nice pink box with a little surprise from Fasheebo :).


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