Fasheebo Reaching 160 000 Likes On Instagram

3 years ago

The cooperation with international influencers is harder than you might think. But when you find one like Valentina, you can call yourself a “lucky guy” ;). We have been cooperating with Valentina Vignali, one of the best Italian influencers and basketball players, for some time.  She has over 1,2 millions followers on Instagram and over 600 000 fans on Facebook. This was the second time she posted a picture in our outfit Layla & Amelia two-piece set. The first picture was in our Tiara dress.

Although we had to wait for the picture to be posted on Instagram for more than 6 weeks , it was absolutely worthy. She did not post only the picture but also she added a few stories… The picture got over 162 000 likes and over 1 500 comments – the most successful post in her feed so far :). After she posted the first stories, her followers were getting crazy about this outfit… Everyone kept us asking about the price of this particular outfit, and of course in Italian. Thanks got for the Google Translator :D :D :D.

I can hardly express how fortunate I feel to cooperate with Valentina because building a new fashion brand without having a few $$$ millions on our bank account every month to spend on marketing is pretty challenging :).

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