Clothes that make you look fat

Fashion Trends
5 years ago

“Does this make me look fat?”┬áThe eternal question of women everywhere. The problem is exceptionally easy to avoid… if you know how to shop for your body. And, because there is no course in high school to teach us how to master this tricky subject, we learn by the example of our friends, family and fashion magazines. Mindlessly following trends can be your biggest downfall, so it’s important to know what are the biggest sartorial culprits that can add kilos to our figures. Here are the top five offenders.

1) Outerwear:

Puffer jakcetWinter makes it tough to look our best. From over sized outerwear to terrible weather wreaking havoc on our hair, it’s easy to feel (and look) like a winter monster. Puffer coats and over sized, boxy coats can add unwanted kilos to your frame, and in the interest of staying warm, many of us ignore their negative effects. If you need a puffer coat for warmth, make sure it is of a belted variety. Attention to the waist helps look thinner, even in plunging temperatures. Over sized, often menswear-looking coats may look cool on the runways, but unless you have a supermodel frame, it’s best to opt for more tailored winter wear. A coat with a waist and expertly tailored lines can make you look thinner and taller. Skip the cocoons if you want to appear svelte!