Best Outfits For Women In Their 30s

Fashion Trends
5 years ago

Your 30s are a time for celebration. You’re hitting your stride in your career; you’re beginning or cultivating your relationships; or you’re tending to your own new family. Or all of the above! Dress to celebrate this new decade in your life. It’s a great excuse to make new fashion choices, as well as banish some of those that may be holding you back.

Work Wear

6 (1)In our 30s, women are faced with several career and lifestyle possibilities. You may find yourself in a corporate environment, adhering to your company’s standards of professional dress. Although this may mean a skirt, blazer and heels are your expected dress code, it doesn’t mean it has to look boring matronly.

When the dress code calls for neutral colors and conservative clothing, your options for self expression are limited to your accessories. But that’s where the fun can lie. Jewelry (undistracting), shoes and handbags will become your best friends. Add some color with a bold shoe or a silk scarf, and you’ll still feel like your stylish self. Take a cue from Angelina. When she loses the blazer after a day at the UN, she’s still cocktail-ready and super-stylish.