I Found The Perfect Product For Amazing Hair Volume

Hair products
5 years ago

I was always struggling with limp and thin hair with no volume. No matter what shampoo I used, the volume was gone just a few minutes after I left my bathroom. I know that the easiest way to get some volume is backcombing but, honestly, I’m completely against it. Why? Because I feel like one of the women from 80s with super crazy volumious hair. And also, I can’t dry my hair upside down to redirect the root, since I have the hair extensions and therefore my hair would end up in a complete mess. Sometime, I spray a regular dry shampoo directly to the roots which gives me some volume, however, it doesn’t last for the entire day either.

And guess what :). Recently I discovered a pink magic little tube called Puff.Me and decided to give a try. When I saw the tube with my own eyes I couldn’t believe how small the product is. But … size doesn’t matter, right ;)? The product’s a must-have if you want to get some volume to your hair. It’s absolutely fabulous and so easy to apply. You can just apply a tiny amount to your roots (I spray the product just on the top two rows), then massage the area for a few seconds and style it. I fell in love with this product… And of course, it doesn’t last forever either but it needs just style it again (it takes 3 seconds) and your volume’s right back :).

The only negative‘s the shipping :(. As I wrote in the previous article about the PowerDry.Me, the delivery takes around a month, and on top of it, you have to deal with your Customs. However, I believe it’s worthy :).