8 Exciting Games To Spice Up Your Honeymoon

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6 years ago

While planning for a honeymoon, stop thinking only about the perfect destination, think also about a few romantic games. Playing the honeymoon games can help you strengthen the bond of togetherness and love between you and your husband.

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The list mentioned below talks about some honeymoon games couples prefer to play during their honeymoon.

1. Twister

TwisterFor honeymoon, you should look for games that will enable you to be together with your spouse and that will tickle you with laughter. Twister is a classic game liked by couples since ages. In this game there is a box, which has a mat made of plastic and has markings of different color circles. There is a spinner attached to the plastic mat. One partner has to spin the dial and move his/her hand or foot to one of the colored circles, which are made on the floor mat. If we go by the actual rules, the spin is spun by a referee. When couples play this game, each one has to enable the other reach the spinner.