7 tips how to make your casual outfit glamorous

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5 years ago

4. Your bag is your best friend.

Bags know more secrets about women that anyone else. Besides you can tell a lot about a person byChanel 2what type of bag she owns and what’s more important, what’s in the bag.  A backpack or a bucket bag will be a perfect choice for university or any sport activities. Shopping bag is a good option for 21st century Mary Poppins, who likes to carry the whole life in her purse. Chanel or any type of clutch is perfect for day to night transformation, you can easily wear them to work and then put on the red Chanel lipstick and be the most fabulous at the party event.


Zanotti B5. Shoes are just magic.

Of course, not everyone can afford to own a Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe collection. But basic wardrobe shoes are essential part of every woman’s closet. It’s no secret, that shoes have a great power of outfit transformation. Classic pumps can take you to any fabulous Hollywood event, ballerinas can work for any occasion, especially if you know, that you will have a long day, full of meetings and walking around the city in pumps can be very painful. Boots or sneakers are mend to make your look more relaxed and casual, but still trendy.


Print6. Don’t be afraid of colors.

If you are wearing gray t-shirt, that doesn’t mean you have to forget about the colors. Furthermore, you should use more colors, it’s spring after all. Trend of the last season were flower printed pants, can become a fresh element of your look.


Sexy waves7. Be feminine.

Who said, that owning a simple grey t-shirt make you wear only boyish style. The law of attraction of opposite characters works. The great advantage of the simple t-shirt is a possibility to play with your bottom clothing and skirt is a perfect tool of creativity. It could be a long boho romantic option or a sexy office pencil skirt, no restrictions.

Follow these tips to make your casual outfit glamorous. But! Never combine all of them.