7 Steps To Organize Your Closet

Fashion Trends
4 years ago

3. Make the decision

While organizing your closet, you should put all items into one of four piles: Give Away, Toss, Sell and Keep.

4. Throw away clothes that can’t be worn any more

This Toss pile will include all items that can’t be worn any longer. Among these items will certainly occur the gross underpants, bra or worn-out shoes they have been used so many times. And also check the colours of your clothes. Is the color still the same as you bought it? So bag up these items and throw them away.

5. Be generous to others

SwapYour Give Away pile should consists of items that are in good conditions but not in great conditions (the ones in great conditions will be sold). Have you ever washed your jeans or jumper that suddenly came out doll-sized? If yes, then these jeans or jumper should already be in this file. There is no way you will be able to wear these items again.

And also, let the off-trend item you’re hoping will come back in style go away. Unless you want to wait 40 years, don’t waist time and share the items with others who will actually wear it.

If you haven’t worn the clothes for the last three years, you won’t start this season either.

Instead of keeping them in your clothes, donate these items to a thrift store. Or you can organize a clothes swap party with your friends.