7 Most Influential Bloggers & Their Fashion Style

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5 years ago

Over the past decade, bloggers as independent publishers have become a real force in the fashion industry. Fashionista has recently released its 2015 ranking of the most influential personal style bloggers in the world. To determine the ranking, they considered Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest followers, as well as website traffic. They also took into consideration brand extensions, Google News searches as well as It factor.

See the top 7 and their fashion style.

7. Nicole Warne & Gary Pepper Girl 

The Sydney-based Warne who is just 25 years old first launched Gary Pepper as a vintage e-commerce site in 2009. She started out blogging and modelling the clothes as a way to market the website. By 2011, it was one of the largest online vintage retailers in Australia. Later on, she shut down the e-commerce leg of Gary Pepper and focused on her blog-driven business.