5 Things People Will Always Notice About Your Outfit

Fashion Trends
5 years ago

Have you ever wondered what people notice about your outfit first? Shoes, hair, necklace, make up, or nails? We asked this question a Czech blogger Jane Bond from love fashion what she personally thinks. And she said ….

As I was thinking about this topic for a while, my conclusion is that every outfit is really noticeable. But let’s focus on five real “eyecatchers”.

1. Shoes

IMG_4343Shoes are topic for themselves, but once you have a statement piece, your WOW effect is immediately doubled. Elegant, quirky, patterned, colorful, branded … It doesn’t matter which piece you are for. Those women beauties can be worn and recognised easily and will send you to the outfit heaven. Talking about the decent and timeless designer pieces, a real fashionista will always recognise, is a pair of Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo shoes. And just add those beauties to your simple outfit (something like jeans and a shirt) and there you go.

IMG_4337Another group of shoes may be the designer statement ones. Well once talking about the statement shoes, I am thinking about Sophia Webster, Charlotte Olympia, Alice and Olivia. Playful pairs, the real head turners, as there are no other pair like those… Yammy ones :)