5 rules to stay stylish at the gym

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5 years ago

Gym…when I think about this place, well, I see old boyfriend T-shirts, second-hand hoodies and people wearing all manner of weird combinations. This article is about looking good and being stylish at the gym. Be brave! Go and throw the old baggy clothes into the garbage and wear something functional and stylish at the same time. You will feel better, trust me, I speak from experience.

Optimized-_MG_9009A few days ago, some girlfriends and I were talking about what we wear for our sports activities. Blondie is always stylish in her perfectly fitted sport bra, some kind of top, usually a chic T-shirt, shorts that lift your butt and cool running shoes. On top, she adds a stylish cap and -voilá, there we go. All of those parts work together to form one easy and stylish work-out uniform.

1. Sport bra

BraIn case you have bigger breasts, this is the best thing to wear. Immediately, during a more intense workout, you will feel why it is so important. It’s function is actually to hold what needs to be held. So, your breasts will stay in place, your running and movements will not cause any unnecessary pain. Great idea! Who ever came up with this is a genius. :)

2. T-shirt

StellaIn case you do not have a six pack.. .come on, be honest… the trusty T-shirt is a wonderful piece. In the case of a strenuous cardio workout- all of your sweat will go there. But in the 21st century, we have great new materials. Not that your outfit will look like you do not sweat, but you will feel very comfortable. Many of today’s best workout clothes are made with “wicking” materials…those materials are designed to pull moisture away from the body, keeping you dry, cool, and comfortable. 
There are also occasions to wear a running hoodie on top of your outfit. But it just depends on your preferences. I am always cold, so I love to wear something on top.

3. The bottom

_MG_9439There is nothing better than leggings.
If you choose the wrong size or material, you might be seen with the very popular and unwanted camel toe.
Just be aware of this fact, if you choose something tight and not baggy. In case of cardio exercises, it will be much easier for you to run, as the excess materials will not get in the way of your training.
Leggings come in so many colors, patterns and lengths, that you probably will go crazy and feel like you have to buy everything you see in the store!