5 Foods That Were Killing My Diet

4 years ago

I tried to lose some weight so many times before but with very poor results. Therefore, this time I asked a fitness trainer for a help. I was pretty surprised when I realised that it isn’t so much about working out in the gym (although it’s necessary of course). It’s actually more about my eating habits. Why? Because most of my meals that I used to consider “healthy and low fat” according to some TV adverts were actually killing my diet. And what kind of “healthy” food am I talking particularly about?


In every TV adverts you can see how healthy it is to eat every morning all kind of muesli. However, have you ever checked what it consists of? I used to love the muesli with chocolate chips until I put on so much weight after eating it. Some of them consists of so much sugar and fat.

Fresh juice

Would you ever eat at once a banana, mango, apple, orange and peach? I guess no. However, if you go to a fresh bar, then you usually ask for a fresh juice that consists of all these.

Healthy snacks

When I asked people around me how they would substitute my favorite chocolate with something healthy and with low fat, they advised me some healthy snack bars that you can buy in the specialized healthy stores. They all looked great just until I checked what they consist of. Eating this kind of healthy bars usually equals to eating a huge chocolate cake. 

Caffe Latte

Who wouldn’t love to go for a coffee to Costa Coffee and get the big mug? It’s just a drink, right? However, not really when you drink a coffee with almost 300ml of milk, you add some sugar and you also ask for some caramel flavour. Then you almost run out of your “calories budget” for the entire day. When drinking a coffee, enjoy the pure coffee itself. No milk, no sugar, no flavour.


Although you may think that you will eat a low-fat meal when ordering Caesar salad in your favorite restaurant, look at it twice. Why? Because most of the time the salads you eat in the restaurants are full of mayo or any other sauces.

And the conclusion?

It’s been really hard for me to stop eating my favorite meals… Especially when they taste so good. But what really helped me was reading the label of each product that I was about to eat. Then you can really realise how much of hidden calories each product consists of.